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Council of the Baltic Sea States


The Council of the Baltic Sea States is an overall political forum for regional inter-governmental cooperation. The members of the council are the 11 states of the Baltic sea region as well as the European Commission. CBSS focuses on five main priority areas: Environment, Economic Development, Energy, Education & Culture and Civil Security and the Human Dimension.

The priority area environment & sustainability is dealt with by the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development, Baltic 21. It is the regional expression of the Agenda 21 process adopted by the United Nations "Earth Summit" in 1992. CBSS Baltic 21 network is a forum for continuous dialogue and cooperation across borders and between governments and stakeholders on sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region. During 2010-2015 the work of the Expert Group Baltic 21 is focusing on 4 main strategic areas: Climate Change, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Sustainable Urban Rural Development and Innovation and Education for Sustainable Development. More: http://www.cbss.org/Environment/baltic-21

Ecovillages project became one of "Baltic 21 Lighthouse projects" in 2010. 



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