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Ecovillages project 3rd newsletter has been released

Ecovillages project is pleased to inform that the last edition of project's newsletter is available to download. In this 3rd issue at project’s end, we would like to outline the greatest contributions to the fostering of ecovillages development as a sustainable way of living in the Baltic Sea Region that project has achieved during 30 months of its implementation. 

This last issue contains the presentation and reflections on the final core project results. The project “Ecovillages for Sustainable Rural Development” financed by the EU’s Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007–2013 has launched 3 manuals on: eco-settlement practices and environmentally friendly technologies applied in ecovillages; socio-cultural aspects of ecovillage establishment and governance; and green business and entrepreneurship. By identifying and documenting many inspirational examples and case studies, the manuals aim at contributing to the further development, application and spreading of the sustainable solutions and innovations tailored in ecovillages and regaining the balance between the ecological, socio-cultural and economic dimensions of sustainable living on a broader society level.

Project team has also formulated a set of policy recommendations and will deliver it to the responsible EU institutions. The policy recommendations are to trigger public deliberation at national and EU levels on the policy implications drawn from the results of the Ecovillages project in order to facilitate the development of ecovillages as a sustainable way of living in the BSR.

One of the greatest contributions towards sustainable Europe that was not envisioned at the launching stage of the project is the formation of Baltic Ecovillage Network (BEN), which is a transnational umbrella of national ecovillages networks in the BSR. BEN offers a vehicle to continue the work started by the project towards the societal recognition of the values that ecovillages pursue and transition to sustainable living.

Ecovillages project has also contributed to the rise of other initiatives. One of them is recently launched REALS – Resilient and Ecological Approaches for Living Sustainably – project, the partnership behind which originates from Ecovillages project and extends the framework from focusing on ecovillages in particular to "sustainable life" in general in the BSR.

We hope that this newsletter will give you a comprehensive overview of the core results achieved by the project that take the Ecovillages project mission forward. 

Enjoy the newsletter!

Download newsletter #3

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