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Inspiring Stories from Ecovillages: Experiences with Ecological Technologies and Practices

The manual “INSPIRING STORIES FROM ECOVILLAGES: EXPERIENCES WITH ECOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGIES AND PRACTICES” presents a selection of inspiring stories about solutions for ecological living. These stories are told by the inhabitants of ecovillages around the Baltic Sea region. They present solutions to issues concerning planning, construction, energy solutions, waste and waste water management, composting and recycling, food production, and transport and commuting. They provide inspiration to readers already familiar with ecovillages and anyone willing to learn more about a variety of ecological living solutions.

The collection of examples and stories of technologies and practices presented is designed to cover essential themes and aspects relevant to ecologically sustainable ways of living: 

  • Planning and design of the ecovillage area
  • Building
  • Energy solutions for households and settlements
  • Waste water management
  • Dry toilets
  • Composting, recycling and ecological consumption
  • Food production
  • Transport and commuting

“Inspiring Stories from Ecovillages: Experiences with Ecological Technologies and Practices” seeks to enable the reader to form a tangible and – hopefully – inspiring view of the Baltic Sea region ecovillages’ variety, particularities and creative innovativeness, on the one hand, and similarities, familiarity and respect for tradition on the other.

The manual is also written in a way that does not presuppose any previous knowledge or firsthand experience of the issues involved. Thus, the manual can also reach out more widely as a source of inspiration to anyone interested in searching for ecological solutions to housing and living issues, wherever they live.

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