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Ecovillage sustainability self-evaluation test

This test will help you to:
• Form a vision of your ecovillage;
• Diagnose the real ecovillage situation;
• Assess the gap between vision and reality;
• Identify what aspects of the ecovillage governance should be improved.

Questions of the test measure ecovillage’s real and desirable situation on six main dimensions by using a 5 point scale. Click here to find further instructions and evaluation analysis of the test.


Choose from two versions of the analysis and START your test now!

Short analysis of ecovillage sustainability

(12 questions)

Detailed analysis of ecovillage sustainability

(36 questions)

@ 2012, by Dalia Vidickiene and Rasa Melnikiene, Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics. If you wish to re-publish or cite Ecovillage sustainability self-evaluation test, please contact authors by email dalia@laei.lt to obtain the permission. After you receive the permission, please provide names of authors and the exact URL of the test when citing.

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